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The Selwyn Foundation

"The Selwyn Foundation Board members wish to express their thanks for the work you have done in assisting the Private Plan Change and Resource Consent for the Selwyn Heights recent redevelopment.

Your ability to handle this project in consultation with our General Manger, Property and Development, and reach an ultimate conclusion is very much appreciated.  Please accept the sincere thanks of the Board".

Steve Enticott, Associate Director, Maunsell Australia Pty Ltd, (previously Regional Transportation Manager, Transit New Zealand)

“I have worked with Ian, Bronwyn and Angie on a number of projects and, as Transit’s Regional Transportation Manager in Auckland, I was fortunate to have Ian as my consultant on the South West Corridor Project. All three are competent, innovative, hard working, professional people and, most importantly, they’re fun to work with! I would be pleased to recommend their services to any potential client”.

George Wood, Mayor of North Shore City Council

Letter to Angie Crafer.

“Thank you for the time, effort and expertise you have contributed to develop the North Harbour Industrial Estate Travel Plan. I appreciate that you have a busy work schedule so you are to be commended for consistently making time for this undertaking.

“This project has been very successful, combining the resources of the business community and the various agencies responsible for delivering transport services. All of the transport organizations involved are reporting a far better understanding of local services and, as a result, are committed to delivering solutions that will benefit the area.”

Rachel Kirk, Transit New Zealand Project Manager for the Upper Harbour Corridor Project

“At the time Flow were appointed, there was a short timeframe to do the updated modelling.  Flow stepped in and helped develop an effective strategy which met Transit's needs.  Their background to the project, ability to quickly mobilise appropriate staff with sufficient time and modelling skill for the project has been vital.  Their work involved co-ordinating various updated Traffic Models including SIDRA, sParamics and SATURN.  In terms of SATURN, they were also responsible for undertaking all updates to the previous model ensuring it tied in with other models.  Deliverables received to date have been timely, comprehensive and of the required quality.  There appears to be good support of the company's staff including an overview of their work which gives added confidence in quality.

“Flow have also assisted with evaluation of the Design and Construct tenderer's submissions for this project.  Ian Clark oversaw this work, supported by Terry Church.

“I have found Flow personnel to be responsive, have a professional manner, give sound technical advice and be dedicated to their work.  I would recommend Flow for future projects involving traffic modelling.”

Krista Falkner, Graduate Transportation Engineer (Previous Flow Staff Member)

“I arrived in New Zealand with a few years of work experience in Civil Engineering with the hope of finding a job where I could gain experience in a broad range of Transportation Engineering/Planning topics. I wanted to work at Flow because I wanted to both expand on my current knowledge and work on a wider range of projects from start to finish, not just small portions of projects, which is typical at larger companies.

“Since Flow is a small office (between 8 and 10 staff), there is a lot of sharing of knowledge between staff members.  I am leaving Flow with a broader knowledge in Transportation Planning and Engineering and with more confidence in my abilities as a Graduate Transportation Engineer.

“The people at Flow are truly amazing and as a result I am very sad to be leaving them. I recommend Flow to people who are interested in working closely with a small group of individuals that have a significant amount of experience and who are willing to share their knowledge with you.”