What We Do

Long Bay Development

Flow has been involved in the planning and assessment of the proposed development of the Long Bay area, on Auckland’s North Shore, since 2005.  We provided transport planning evidence to the council hearing and to the Environment Court, for the developer, identifying the likely local traffic effects of the proposed development, and considering wider transportation issues.
The assessment was informed by a SATURN traffic model of the Long Bay and Torbay area.  This model has since been used by Flow for both the developer and by Auckland Transport, to test a variety of issues, including the need for and timing of internal and external road connections, options for external road upgrades and economic analysis of these proposals.
More recently, Flow has been involved in the transport and roading aspects of the various subdivision consents.  This work included providing advice on road widths, speed calming treatments, and the provision and design of pedestrian and cycle facilities within each subdivision.