North Harbour Industrial Estate Travel Demand Management Strategy

The North Harbour Industrial Estate, on Auckland’s North Shore, has expanded rapidly in recent years, resulting in heavy traffic congestion during peak periods. It was accepted that traditional engineering solutions would contribute to the resolution of the problem, but what was needed was an adjustment of people's travel behaviour and the provision of travel options. As a result, Flow was appointed to carry out a Travel Demand Management Study.

We involved the whole community and key stakeholders in developing a range of sustainable transport initiatives, from measures to encourage increased public transport patronage, to improvements to pedestrian and cycle ways, rideshare schemes, capacity improvements at intersections and high occupancy vehicle lanes. We received written commendation from the Mayor for our performance on this pioneering project.

Chris Thomas, the project manager at North Shore City Council, stated:

“Flow were very quickly able to establish a good working relationship with the multitude of stakeholders. The project involved the breaking of new ground in New Zealand and this presented interesting challenges to the project team (NSCC, ARTA, FLOW and a small group of key stakeholders). Flow established their credibility with the various stakeholders through the preparation of a project plan and the setting up of a governance structure that was inclusive and enabled a wide range of stakeholders to become involved. Through the governance structure the dissemination and gathering of information was accomplished efficiently and effectively and a wide range of people were able to contribute to the solutions. Flow was also able to bring a wide range of skills to the project, such as:

  • Setting up and administering working groups,
  • Facilitation of workshops and meetings,
  • Consultation strategy, planning and implementation,
  • Traffic and transport planning and engineering,
  • Travel demand management, and
  • Report writing and presentation.

Without marginalising the contributions of key stakeholders and principals in respect of this project, Flow are worthy of special recognition for the part that they played in weaving together all parties, maintaining progress and delivering appropriate and acceptable range of solutions."


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