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Sylvia Park Project

Flow is retained by Kiwi Income Property Trust to advise on all aspects of transport planning and traffic engineering associated with their development of Sylvia Park.  Over the past ten years we have been responsible for all the transport aspects of the planning, development and implementation of this 75,000m2 retail development, New Zealand’s largest shopping centre.

Our work for Sylvia Park has included strategic transport assessments and integrated transport assessments of the various stages of the development as well as for the proposed office developments, which are presently included in the overall concept plan for the site.  This work has included traffic modelling, assessing the effects of development on all modes of transport, monitoring of traffic and passenger transport operations, traffic management and travel planning.  We have also provided advice on the detail design of all transport aspects implemented at Sylvia Park, including parking areas, parking buildings, entrances to the development, internal roads, bus station, pedestrian and cycle accessibility, directional signage and road markings.

More recently our work at Sylvia Park has been focused on Plan Change 235 which proposes to support Sylvia Park’s status as a sub-regional centre in Auckland, through the development of additional retail, entertainment, leisure, commercial and residential activities, supported by improved passenger train and bus services.


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