Takapuna Transport Strategy Study

Flow was commissioned by Auckland Transport to update and revise the Takapuna Strategic Study Background Transport Report which was completed by the former North Shore City Council (NSCC) in June 2007.

The 2007 Takapuna Strategic Study Background Transport Report provides an overview of the issues facing Takapuna and its fringes from a transport perspective.  The report discusses the key issues facing the road network, public transport, car parking, and the pedestrian and cycling environment and canvasses methods to address these issues.  The report formed part of the background to the Takapuna CBD and Fringe Strategic Review which was completed by the former North Shore City Council in 2007.

Since 2007 there have been a number of significant changes to the transport network in and around Takapuna, including the opening of the Northern Busway, completion of the Esmonde Road interchange project, the widening of Esmonde Road, and widening of Lake Road between Esmonde Road and Hauraki Corner.  There have also been some significant land use developments including the completion of the Sentinel residential development and the granting of consent for the mixed use “Merge” development between Northcroft Street and Huron Street.  The release of the Takapuna Strategic Framework in 2010 and the Auckland Plan in 2012 also provide an update to the strategic direction for Takapuna.

The report revises and updates the existing Takapuna Strategic Study Background Transport Report, taking into account these changes.  In general the report is considered to support the transport related “directions” of the Takapuna Strategic Framework, which include the following:

  • Achieve better connectivity between the Akoranga busway station, Barry’s Point and Takapuna
  • Investigate ways of improving connections to Takapuna’s western catchment area
  • Promote the design of streets to maximise flexibility for the range of users
  • Promote the design of streets (within Takapuna) to minimise severance effects of traffic on local communities
  • Improve pedestrian legibility and amenity in all street environments
  • Develop a safe on street cycle network around Takapuna that utilise its (relatively) flat topography
  • Support the investment in the bus rapid transit system with appropriate land use changes
  • Support a long term rail alignment close to the Takapuna centre
  • Promote a balanced approach to providing road capacity and public transport improvements
  • Continue to seek improved bus services for those needing to access the Takapuna centre
  • Encourage locations for shared parking facilities around the periphery of the central core
  • Manage the parking supply in a way that could support a shift to other modes of transport

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