What We Do


SIDRA is a software package for the simulation of traffic at isolated intersections, which has recently been extended to include the assessment of multiple intersections. Flow uses SIDRA in isolation, as well as an integrated tool with higher tier traffic modelling projects, whereby SIDRA is run interactively with the higher tier models. It can provide initial optimum intersection phase timings and layout designs. 

Flow has used SIDRA for a wide range of applications, including:

  • SIDRA was used to assess intersection designs for the Long Bay Transport Improvement Package.  SIDRA was used interactively with the wider area SATURN model, to ensure traffic reassignment associated with the design was taken into consideration
  • SIDRA has been used to design various State Highway intersections along State Highway 1 in Christchurch
  • The assessment of intersection options for SH18 Brigham Creek Interchange has used SIDRA as a means to calibrate intersection performance within the higher tier micro-simulation (S-Paramics) and meso (SATURN) traffic models
  • SIDRA has been used to determine the intersection layouts for all the key intersections within the Hobsonville Point development.  Intersection layouts were assessed for short and long term intensity scenarios.