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TRANSYT is a modelling package which is used to examine series of closely spaced signalised intersections. It is considered to be one of the industry’s preferred tools for assessing signal coordination timings and intersection offsets, Flow uses TRANSYT to assess traffic engineering and transport planning projects that are located on corridors with closely spaced signalised intersections.

Flow has used TRANSYT for the following applications:

  • Various treatment options were assessed for a pair of closely spaced staggered T intersections on Titirangi Road - Croyden Road and Parker Avenue - in West Auckland. TRANSYT was used for its ability to model composite intersections
  • The closely spaced intersections of Wairau Road with Target Road, View Road and Diana Drive, and the adjacent intersection with Tristram Avenue, on Auckland’s North Shore, were examined.  Various composite intersection treatments (signalised and unsignalised) were assessed, with specific attention given to lane allocation and blocking back
  • TRANSYT was used to assess the effects of signalised options for access onto SH17 for a proposed development of the Peninsula Golf Course, which is close to the existing intersection with Totara Views Drive.   


Wairau Road TRANSYT Model