What We Do

Travel Demand Management

Travel demand management (TDM) covers a wide range of topics that reduce the need to travel, provide travel choices, and influence travel choices and pricing.  

Reduction in the need to travel can be achieved through land use intensification, mixed use developments and infrastructure that allows working and shopping from home.  Providing for travel choice addresses allocation of road space (to walking, cycling, public transport and high occupancy modes), improved public transport services, and construction of walking and cycling networks.  Travel choice can be influenced through school travel plans, workplace travel plans, community travel plans and improved information.  Pricing can be reflected through parking controls and tolls.

Flow provides an extensive array of TDM services for clients across New Zealand.  These include:

  • strategic planning for mixed use development and land use intensification (see Hobsonville Peninsula)
  • street design, walking and cycling improvement projects (see Cycle Network for Routes Parallel to Dominion Road)
  • supporting statements used within transport assessments for development proposals
  • the development and implementation of travel plans for schools, major office developments and new communities.